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One of the cool things about working at a startup is that you get to wear a lot hats.

One of my favorite parts of the week is speaking with creators about how they can use crypto to build stronger communities.

In the future, I think crypto will be a core part of every creator’s business. Kinda like how tech products rely on AI to remain competitive today.

But we’re still really damn early. So, what is crypto actually good for, right now?

NFT-based virtual platforms are poised to transform virtual reality as we know it. With the immense infrastructure in place and mainstream attention NFTs are receiving, NFT Bazaar summarizes the numeric data and explains why it’s not unreasonable to expect virtual worlds to gain even more attention in the future. By now, surprisingly, the total market cap of NFT gamification projects has reached 767MM USD with over 28K monthly active users and nearly 50K daily trading volume and incompatible increasing rate.

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An NFT of Andrés Reisinger’s Complicated Sofa first sold for $5,000 — then resold for $17,650. Photo: Courtesy Andres Reisinger

Last month, online marketplace NiftyGateway held an auction called “The Shipping,” where 10 pieces of virtual furniture by graphic designer Andrés Reisinger were sold as NFTs (or blockchain-encrypted non-fungible tokens) — the first of their kind. They brought in $450,000 in 10 minutes. Reisinger is now turning renderings of certain cyber pieces, like his Hortensia chair, into physical objects. Meanwhile, other makers, including Instagram designer Nicholas Baker and 3-D artist Alexis Christodoulou, are releasing their own NFT furniture. But, at…

Provenance and originality are the cornerstones of the art market, and NFTs deliver both, for sure, but originality and uniqueness doesn’t inherently make something valuable. We summarizes 89 respondents’ reply towards necessity elements of #NFT, and found that, with most concerns coming towards future market of NFT and rising doubtfulness regarding its continuously high increase rate, copyright and financial venues for NFT space are what thought to be the most essential products/services that NFT industry should arm with.

About NFT Bazaar:


“David After Dentist,” one of the most memorable viral YouTube videos of the 2000s, was sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) for 3.30 ETH, an amount of cryptocurrency valued at roughly $11,500 on Friday.

David DeVore Sr. and his son — the titular star of the video — became internet sensations in 2009 when David DeVore Jr. was seven years old. In the video, a young DeVore Jr. experiences the effects of medication after a tooth extraction. He asks his father numerous questions, including the now-iconic line, “Is this real life?” shortly before letting out a primal scream.


Non-fungible tokens are a type of digital asset created to track ownership of a virtual item using blockchain technology. Such unique items could be artwork or sports trading cards. The early investor in Facebook, Uber and Coinbase says each token will include a “smart contract” that includes metadata he can use to interact with buyers.

After first wave of #bitcoin and #dogecoin has passed, you asked me when will be the next big wave for #blockchain? Today, sincerely with our NFT Bazaar infographics hub original data, we can firmly state that it is #nft.

About NFT Bazaar:

by Pak, Signe Pierce, and Zoran Basich

This episode features Q&As with two artists who are exploring crypto-powered auction sites and marketplaces — this is part of our ongoing series on the creator economy. The big picture is that emerging “tokenization” models, including non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are creating new ways for collectors and investors to buy, sell, and trade digital art. More broadly, these innovations open the door to the tokenization of any products or collectibles that can be captured and owned digitally, and many new business models for creators.

Marketplaces powered by NFTs open up new revenue streams…


Auction sales show a schism in the market: speculative buyers flock to crypto art while blue-chip collectors hold back, fearing legal gray areas and copyright issues.

#Ethereum is booming in the NFT frenzy, so is the overall network congestion. NFT Bazaar reorganizes, summarizes and helps you define which type of artists and original curators are flooding into this NFT industry in the past three years. Let’s check at for all kinds of relevant details you want to investigate.

About NFT Bazaar:


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