UPRETS Research — Digital Securities: How the Capital Market Is Adapting to Change

5 min readJun 4, 2020

Digital securities have many things, such as stocks, assets, bonds, and funds. The popularity of all these has started to increase in the financial world. There would be a high growth of digital securities in the coming years. Thirty long years went on to take a swerve from materialization to dematerialization. The securities would now become digital assets.

The majority of the companies are going digital today. The capital markets are dependent on the treasure troves of data. The companies’ digitalization would be embraced in their company activities to boost the efficiency of the work, cut down the expenses, and attain customer satisfaction. The capital market is surrounded by balance sheets, regulations, and network effects.

There are a few trends that are creating disruption and driving revamp of the capital markets include:

Increase in the Competition

With the stagnant revenues in the industries, there are many capital markets, even today, with the non-bank competitors who are doing primary and secondary businesses.

Fewer Returns

The requirements for the capital of the companies that are running on balance sheets have been on the rise, taking a toll on the stakeholder’s value. The best thing to overcome these challenges by the capital markets is to go digital.

Embrace Digital Transformation in the Capital Market

The capital markets are embracing digital trends and technologies and new types of business models. With the globalization of the geographic markets and change in the business models, many companies are adopting digital transformation strategies. Outsourcing is playing a vital role for the companies in the capital market to cope with the demand, which is due to the digital world’s capabilities. It helps the companies to keep the expenses at bay.

There is a lot of investment made by the capital markets in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and technology transformation. The blockchain industry is evolving day by day. The digital securities have become a massive hit in the market. Many disruptive changes were made in the traditional finance, and the industry players embraced new approaches.

The digitalization of the asset is playing a critical role in the companies. It is also boosting the experience of the users.

The assets are digitalized using the smart contracts so that the owners can have a fractional share in the asset. People can sell the shares related to private securities without having to suffer because of the funds being locked for years together.

Why Are Digital Securities So Magical?

Digital security would represent financial assets such as equities, funds, fixed income, and so on. The investment contracts and the person who owns the share in the digital assets can be tracked on the blockchain. There is no chance of fraud and involvement of third parties. The distributed ledger technology maintains the record of who is selling to whom and what is being sold. The digital security is something that will have stocks of the companies, debenture notes given by the government. These are aligned with the rules and regulations.

Digital securities are a breakthrough in the world of the capital market. It can create financial markets that are highly efficient. It also helps to attain operational and transactional efficiency.

Various Benefits Highlights:

· The digital security that is issued by adhering to the rules would be cost-effective and rapid compared to the public offerings

· Digital securities will introduce transparency in the ownership of the digital assets and keep the record of who owns what in the digital registry.

· The process of transferring the shares from one name to another name would be automated so that it would be the compliance procedure.

· You can trade using the Digital Securities across the globe. There is no country barrier. You can buy the securities of the other companies that can help you improve the liquidity levels.

Digital Securities Offerings (DSOs)

The digital securities offering is a stringent process where you would be exchanging money for digital securities that would let you buy a fractional share in the asset. The symbols can be related to various assets such as stocks, commodities, funds, real estate, and other instruments. These offerings would act as the distributed ledger. The digital securities investor would have all the rights on the stocks that they have purchased, and they are eligible to get the bonus, profit, and buy-back options.

The digital securities which are issued and traded would be tracked on the distributed ledger and would be in the cryptographic digital wallet.

SEC is offering guidance to the investors, financial intermediaries along with the issuers. The SEC is showing interest in using the blockchain technology to boost up the process that is in place. The companies can digitalize the assets by following the regulation standards and being ready to cope with the future changes.

Final Thoughts about the Digital Securities Adaption and Utilization

It is quite evident that capital market has already started adapting to the digital trends. There is a huge transition in the capital market industry where people are embracing digital securities and technologies to come up with innovative business models and products.


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